The only reflux control microcatheter enabling flow directed embolization. Deliver more 1 Reduce the risk of nontarget embolization2,3.

Sequre Design Overview Hires

Design Overview

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Based on DraKon® microcatheter technology, SeQure® optimizes flexibility4, pushability and torqueability5 for improved trackability 4,5,6.

  1. Distal marker enhances tip visualization & Proximal marker enables precise positioning in the target vessels.
  2.  Reduces microspheres reflux and associated nontarget embolization.
  3.  Specifically designed tip using flow dynamics principles.
  4.  Radially filtered contrast media creates a fluid barrier around the microcatheter.
  5.  Specifically configured for each size of microcatheter eliminating vessel size limitation.
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More targeted embolizations. More treatment delivery:

Result of a preclinical study

Secure Embolics - Reduces Nontarget Embolization3

Sequre® mechanism-of-action



Improve Embolization​

Allows Increased And Targeted Delivery Of Embolic Material7

No Learning Curve

No moving parts and no activation required

  • Does not cause artery spasm3
  • Maintains normal blood flow

Beads volume collected until reflux observed (data from vitro investigations) 7


  • No compromise on microcatheter performance & delivery
  • Same embolization endpoint

Go with the flow

Deliver more1,7 with SeQure® microcatheter

2020 06 26 1504

SeQure® - Reflux Control Microcatheter

Embolization of hepatic artery with SEQURE® microcatheter in swine animal model using 100 µm microspheres

Physicians talk


Florian Wolf (Vienna, Austria)

"No more blush of the prostate arteries, all vessels surrounded are still very patent so SeQure® made an excellent job in those small and tortuous vessels."

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Florian Wolf (Vienna, Austria)

"Not an easy embolization, very tortuous vessels and SeQure® microcatheter did a great job in this case. After embolization, all vessels are patent and only the tumor feeder is embolized, and there is no more tumor blush."

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T.De Barre

Thierry de Baere (Villejuif, France)

"Nice stasis inside the target vessels and full patency of side vessel branches at final angiogram so they were well protected."

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Annotation 2020 07 13 141606

Tim Bryant (Southampton, United Kingdom)

"Static flow in the treated vessels (Segment 5) but still good perfusion in Segment 8 branch so SeQure® worked well from that perspective."

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Sequre® is compatible with microspheres > 70 µm.


Specification & Ordering Information


Compatibility With angiographic catheters


Education & Resources

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1. Beads accumulation reports DR-1800178 & TR-026
2. Vessel Flow Dynamic Indication (Beads Reflux) Bench Test report TR-002
3. Usability, Safety and Efficacy of a Novel Microcatheter for Reducing Non-Target Embolization. Michael Tal et al. WCIO 2018 Poster. Animal study
4. TR-025 Flexibility Bench Test
5. TR-006 Torque Transmission Bench Test
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7. DR-1800178 report & TR-002 Vessel Flow Dynamic Indication Bench Test

Sequre® microcatheters are class IIb medical devices intended for use by interventional radiologists and interventional oncologists for the infusion of contrast media into all peripheral vessels and for drug infusion in intra-arterial therapy, and infusion of embolic materials. They should not be used in cerebral vessels.
For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions for these medical devices, we recommend consulting the instructions for use supplied with each device or with your local Guerbet representative(s). Information for use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations. Notified Body: MedCert 0482. Manufacturer: Accurate Medical Therapeutics Ltd. EC Rep: Guerbet. Document creation date: September 2019. Sequre® is a registered trademark of Guerbet Group or its affiliates.

Illustrations for information purposes – not indicative of actual size or clinical outcome.

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